1930’s Addition and Remodel — Avalon

Another amazing Lakewood home—we just love working in this one-of-a-kind neighborhood! The history of this particular area of Dallas is reflected in its architecture, and this house was a prime example of the kind of building style often to be found in Dallas during the period surrounding the Great Depression. Although the building is still in progress, it’s coming along beautifully.

Built in the 1930’s, this house needed a complete overhaul—85 years had really taken their toll! Nothing in this home escaped our gaze—it was one of the more comprehensive remodels that we’ve done in this neighborhood. We started by gutting the home and working our way outward, rebuilding and replacing as we went.

And boy did this house ever need it! Most of the original building materials used to create the house were still intact (more or less), but it was time to give this piece of history a fresh look (and interior) to help it last another 85 years.

We began by redoing all the essentials—new plumbing, new air conditioning and heating, even new wiring. But we didn’t stop there! A new roof, windows, and garage seemed only appropriate to really prepare this house for the long term, so we added them all on. To top it off, we added about 2000 square feet in the back of the house in a huge addition that will give this family (and future families) all the room they need to grow.

Take a look!

  1. Here you can see the back wall of the addition taking shape. Exciting!
  2. This stairway leads to the 2nd floor existing bedroom, which is being totally reframed.
  3. Here you can see what the existing bedroom looked like prior to the reframing process.
  4. No room escaped our discerning eye! Check out the 2nd floor bathroom before we began reframing.
  1. Let the reframing commence!
  2. The beginning of the reframing process.
  3. The process of reframing allows the entire structure of most rooms to be seen all at once.
  4. More reframing that reveals the new water heater.
  1. The staircase that leads down into the downstairs addition has been reversed 180°
  2. A view of the partially completed downstairs addition.
  3. Here you can see the reversed staircase leading down to the addition from farther away.
  4. Back to the existing rooms! Here you can see the dining room and even into the kitchen.
  1. Here’s the exterior at present—have we got plans for you!
  2. Setting the foundation for the new garage here.
  3. And this is where the garage deck goes.
  4. A view of the existing rear of the house prior to adding the addition—amazing to see what lies beneath from so long ago!
  1. Here you can see the beams of the addition.
  2. A close up of the existing rear of the house prior to the addition gives you insight into building processes from the previous century.
  3. A view of the front of the entire lot shows how gorgeous this neighborhood really is.
  4. A close up view with our crew hard at work!