Lakewood Addition and Remodel

We do a great deal of our building in the gorgeous Lakewood neighborhood of Dallas, an iconic neighborhood with a veritable cornucopia of World War One and World War Two era homes. Located near the iconic White Rock Lake, this home was originally built in the 1930’s in a very different Dallas than exists today.

In the 1930’s, one of the great oil booms in Texas history brought unprecedented prosperity to East Texas, prosperity that would wend it’s way to Dallas as oil companies fled the Great Depression. Many of these companies took shelter in the big cities, including Dallas, resulting in many homes being built like the one below. In fact, this home was one of the very first homes built in the Lakewood area, and we felt truly blessed to be able to work on and improve such an amazing piece of history.

The home itself is gorgeous—a mediterranean style stucco home that complements the other homes in the area of the same style brilliantly. However, the owners felt that they needed a little extra space to really make it their own, so we built them an addition that would allow them to the room they needed to spread out and settle in. While we were at it, we did a little remodeling, adding new wiring and windows in some sections of the house.

But let us show you some of the finer details.

  • Here you can peer into the new living area of the addition, and you can even see the story vault.
  • A closeup of the ceiling area and one of our employees hard at work!
  • Note the brand new wiring throughout the entire structure (no historic wiring here!)
  • A completely new heating and cooling system with ductwork can be seen here.
  • One of our favorite parts of this addition—the kitchen area! Note the steel in the ceiling, blocks, and the island fabrication.
  • Another shot of the staircase reveals the beautifully curved arch.
  • Here you can see the radius arch of the staircase.
  • A shot from the kitchen into the living room reveals an elegant radius doorway.
  • This shot from outside shows the patio and fireplace with arabesque loggia.
  • A shot of the loggia connection to the house. A door will replace these windows.
  • Here you can see the delicate arches in the loggia.
  • A picture of the inner courtyard (the addition is to the right)
  • Here you can see the loggia and the addition as it relates to the rest of the house.
  • Another shot of the courtyard and the all-new windows (note the stucco and block construction)
  • Here you can see the gorgeous new roof windows in the master bathroom.
  • More electrical work in the kitchen—it takes a lot of wiring to power a household!
  • Here you can see some of the stunning new terracotta tiles
  • A closeup of the tiles—really adds to the mediterranean look
  • Another view to show you exactly how the wall texturing is coming along
  • In this view, you can see how the house blends in perfectly with the beautiful plant life in the area.
  • One last view of those beautiful multi-colored tiles—aren’t they amazing?