Lakewood—1940’s Remodel

Built in the lavish Lakewood neighborhood of East Dallas near the peaceful White Rock Lake, this incredible, classic 1940’s home has undergone a comprehensive remodel. The remodel added about 1000 square feet to the house all told, with a completely redone master suite, a new living room space that doubles as a den, and a new kitchen and breakfast area.

But that wasn’t all: the accents of the house got a treatment as well. We added brand new windows to the entire house, refinished all the wood flooring, rewired the entire house, and repainted the interior and exterior to boot. Not a surface went untouched in this overhaul!

In addition to remodelling the interior of the home, we also built a first floor addition that extended the living room and added a fireplace. But our clients didn’t want to stop there! To accommodate this family’s needs, we built them a custom garage apartment on top of an entirely rebuilt garage.

Their words of praise have truly humbled us. Here are their thoughts:

“We have truly enjoyed working with English Heritage Homes of Texas as they helped us create a home we know we will cherish for a long time. EHHT has been very receptive to our questions and concerns and assisted us along the way by providing relevant insight during the decision-making process. We relied on their experience and felt comfortable working with them every step of the way.”

  • Here you can see the exterior of the house.
  • A closer shot of the exterior.
  • Here you can see some of the neighboring houses.
  • Another close up of the exterior.
  • This existing staircase, which looks towards the addition, still waits to be repainted. You can see both the top and bottom of the addition in the background.
  • A closer view of the addition at the back.
  • This view of the dining room reveals the rewiring of the entire house, along with a replacement sash kit for the house windows.
  • As with the rest of the interior, the existing living room will be repainted. The floors will be refinished as well.
  • In the living room/den addition, note the fireplace opening at the back and the stout steel beam added to the structure.
  • The opposite view of the addition reveals more of the interior structure of the addition.
  • Another view of the addition towards the kitchen and the front of the house.
  • This view from inside the addition shows the gorgeous french doors that open onto the patio.
  • Another view of the staircase gives a preview of the second floor addition.
  • This picture of an existing room shows the amazing new paint job.
  • Let’s take a peek upstairs! The upstairs master bedroom addition has a spacious vaulted ceiling.
  • A view from the master bedroom into the master bathroom and walk-in closet.
  • This view from the master bedroom reveals the new hallway.
  • A closeup from the master bedroom shows the extent of the master bath.
  • No surface went untouched! The upstairs landing receives refinished flooring.
  • The existing play room is ready to be repainted and the flooring refinished.
  • A new sash window is added to the playroom.
  • A view of the hallway leading to the addition.
  • We knew this room needed a little added luxury! A combined bedroom and bathroom configuration.
  • The second floor bathroom receives modern plumbing.
  • Here you can see the garage apartment framed and ready for the new brick.
  • The rear of the house addition is ready for new brick for the new fireplace.
  • The interior of the new garage contains open web trusses.
  • Here we see the over-the-garage apartment—a perfect hideaway for teenagers and adults alike!
  • Here you can see the garage door with apartment entry on the side.