1980’s Remodel in Preston Hollow

Built in the heart of gorgeous Preston Hollow in Dallas, this sprawling, 7500-square-foot home was originally built in the 1980s — though it had a strong structure and was constructed with excellent craftsmanship, the home was beginning to show its age. Its owners loved the beauty they saw underneath, but they understood this house needed a serious overhaul to become the home of their dreams.

What makes this remodel (which lasted approximately 10 months) really stand out is the unparalleled level of detail that went into even the tiniest features of the home. English Heritage Homes of Texas performed a complete overhaul of this incredible Dallas house, but in truth, this project was a work of collaboration with owners who were deeply invested in making the right aesthetic choices for their home.

And when we talk about creative choices, we’re talking about a special level of aesthetic perfection. The owners of this home didn’t just want to get the latest and greatest pieces of hardware for this home (though they did plenty of that) — they wanted to incorporate a variety of antiques pieces into the home in ways you might not expect.

From antique sconces and crystalline chandeliers dating from another century or specialized wallpaper designed to invoke the feelings of the early 1900s, to certified-antique doors sourced all the way from India and England (complete with stained glass), this house has exceptional details you just won’t find anywhere else.

These antique additions were spread throughout every nook and cranny, including an American wooden ice-storage chest (straight out of the 1800s) converted into a bathroom sink — this was all combined with modern articles, like brand-new onyx marble countertops, fully panelled walls, and custom brass fittings.

To put it simply, this house represents a fascinating combination of the ancient and modern — but don’t take our word for it: Have a look at just a few choice photos of this impressive, updated presence in classic Preston Hollow.

  1. As the owners chose to keep most of the major appliances and hardware in the kitchen, our goal for this room was to spread the aesthetic of the rest of the house into the space — between hanging crystal chandeliers, restained ceiling beams, and a massive calcutta-marble island, the kitchen now combines classic and modern while maintaining state-of-the-art functionality
  2. This wine cellar harkens back to the 1800s — the dry-stack river stone provides a feeling of the ancient, a gorgeous complement to the stain-grade hardwood wine racks, stained cedar ceiling and beams, and the reclaimed antique french wood flooring
  3. This lavish custom stained niche under the stairway is completely panelized — here’s where you’ll see those antique Indian doors we mentioned, shipped all the way across the sea to rest here in Preston Hollow
  4. With all the antique articles sprinkled around the home, it’s nice to see a little touch of the modern! The master bath includes all-marble flooring, a stunning contrast to the two antique his-and-her vanity units. Combine this with antique sconces and light fixtures and a cabinet with burnished antique glass, and you get a master bath that reveals a little something special every time you look.

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